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Who we are

We are a Colorado-based educational 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to securing the birthright of male, female, and intersex children and babies to keep their sex organs intact. At a time where human rights are at the forefront of discussion, keeping children whole and allowing them to grow up with their whole bodies is foundational to securing a more positive future for humanity.

Colorado ABC Booth at Denver Pride!

Test your foreskin knowledge!

What is the foreskin? Why is it there in the first place? Try out this Foreskin IQ test to clear up myths and misconceptions and ask questions you might not have thought of before!

Show your support, make your voices known, get involved!

As you could expect with all that is going on our regular meetings and the events we usually have tables at have either been cancelled or changed. This wont hold us down! Keep up with us on our social media Facebook and Instagram. Even though things have changed a bit, doesn't mean we can't use some support and involvement from our friends and supporters, from you. Help us by spreading the good word, have those awkward conversations with your friends and family that keeping their children and future children whole will make for a strong foundation of love, compassion, and education. The more we have these conversations the less awkward they'll be and more knowledgeable we'll all become. We are always looking for volunteers for events and various functions, even during these trying times. Hold a sign, hand out cards, have those conversations if you have the drive, we can reach more people. When we do resume our regular meetings, we encourage anyone willing to see what we're all about and dive into intactivism to join us. If you support the cause, yet do not wish to or are unable to get more involved we gratefully accept donations. Donations are what we use to attend awesome events like Denver PrideFest where we connect with individuals and families alike. These funds are also what we use to produce all of our materials that we hand out. Without funding our efforts are significantly stifled.

Help Remove Circumcision from Colorado Medicaid!

For those you you who don't know. Colorado for a short time became one of 18 states in the country to no longer pay for infant and childhood circumcision through our tax dollars. Back in 2017 one of the legislators snuck this funding back into the Colorado budget. So we are once again paying for unnecessary and harmful surgeries on children. Now, due to COVID-19, the Colorado budget is being slashed like never before. This is a great time to make sure the members of the Colorado Joint Budget Committee know there is public support for removing circumcision from Medicaid!

A handful of longtime intactivists in Colorado have already reached out to them, so at least a couple of the legislators are aware of this as a potential savings. We don't need to be forceful here; the legislators are facing an impossible task of trying to reduce spending on all fronts, especially Medicaid. They will be desperate for any savings they can find.

We need to make sure they know there is public support for this change, and therefore have nothing to fear if they remove circ from Medicaid.

Please keep your messages short and polite. Here's an example that you can copy-paste:

Subject: Remove Circumcision from Medicaid and CHP+

Dear Legislators, please remove newborn circumcision from Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus. Circumcision is elective, cosmetic surgery and Colorado can't afford to waste health care funds on it. Removing circumcision from Medicaid is the right decision!

Here's contact information for the 6 members of the Joint Budget Committee:

All 6 email addresses:
daneya.esgar.house@state.co.us, dominick.moreno.senate@state.co.us, Julie.mccluskie.house@state.co.us, bob.rankin.senate@state.co.us, kim.ransom.house@state.co.us, senatorrachelz@gmail.com

And if you'd like to send individual emails, here are their names, positions, and emails:

Rep Daneya Esgar, D, Chair, daneya.esgar.house@state.co.us
Sen Dominick Moreno, D, Vice Chair, dominick.moreno.senate@state.co.us
Rep Julie McCluskie, D, Julie.mccluskie.house@state.co.us
Sen Bob Rankin, R, bob.rankin.senate@state.co.us
Rep Kim Ransom, R, kim.ransom.house@state.co.us
Sen Rachel Zenzinger, D, senatorrachelz@gmail.com

Stay Safe and Stay Strong!

We sincerely hope that all of you are safe and healthy during these crazy times! Thank you for your help! Here are some photos of past PrideFest events!